Palazzo Pretorio Museum
Luigi Presicce and the Accademia dell'Immobilità Friday, the 14th of December, from 19 to 21 hours.

December, 14 2018

A unique performance with a strong iconic value in which the masterpieces of Palazzo Pretorio come alive through the interpretation of an artist who dialogues with the works in the form of tableaux vivants. An experience that sees protagonist Luigi Presicce and his Academy of Stillness, a long collective work that has started in these weeks and will end with the performance to the public on Friday, the 14th of December at 7 p.m.
The training in painting by Luigi Presicce finds its development in the staging of living, surreal, mysterious paintings, full of allegorical allusions in which the performance intertwines in a perfect balance cultural mentions and current awareness. On the other hand, his aesthetics recall the scenic installations by Carmelo Bene and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Luigi Presicce together with the Accademia dell'Immobilità is the second guest of the Pretorio Studio project, conceived and launched by Veronica Caciolli in 2016, which has already seen the participation of the artist Paola Angelini last year. Pretorio Studio intends to show the possible symbolic stratifications of time, embracing an archival-archaeological impulse, characteristic of our contemporaneity, pursuing the evident arbitrariness of a continuous and infinite process of redefinition, on the basis of a past that is itself in an eternal state of rediscovery and revaluation (Lawrence Gowing). The project is completed in stages, from the museum residence to the final release and includes the public, even during the study and rehearsals of the artists.
Although Luigi Presicce has already performed in various Italian museums, including the MAMbo in Bologna and the MADRE in Naples, it is the first time that he has elaborated a project inside an art museum like Palazzo Pretorio that unites paintings, sculptures and polyptychs from the fourteenth to the twentieth century; a context that becomes an ideal stage to host the artist's studies on the origins, the history of art, popular and esoteric culture. In the living paintings by Luigi Presicce, composed together with the Accademia dell'Immobilità, the works come to life performed by the bodies; bodies that are included in the represented tale, expanding it and not mimicking it. A creation in which the spectator is part of, entering the work, through a temporal passage that makes the separation between present and past ephemeral and yet evident.
In addition to the Academy of Stillness - a training project open to all those who want to participate from time to time - collaborate with Luigi Presicce the costume designer Caned Icoda, the video maker Daniele Pezzi and on the occasion of the performance in Palazzo Pretorio, the photographer Ivan D'Ali. Graphic project by Studio Moretti Visani.

Palazzo Pretorio Museum
Friday, the 14th of December, 7-9 pm
Luigi Presicce and the Accademia dell'Immobilità
Admission: 4/6/8 euros

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