Born in Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic in 1983, Konrad Wyrebek earned a degree in Fine Arts from London Metropolitan University in 2011, and previous to that, studied Fine Art Painting from Westminster University, London, and Art History and Technology of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. Wyrebek represents and challenges contemporary life and culture through the use of television-, film- and social media-based images, creating abstract video paintings. From a formalist perspective, Wyrebek references the Neoplasticism of Mondrian and the Cubism of Picasso by exploring the fourth dimension in art seen in a contemporary context as the post- internet realm and the abstract potential of electronic images. He challenges the boundaries of painting by raising important questions about the artist’s originality and the role of technology in contemporary art. He has recently exhibited his works in Beneath the Surface, Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence (2018); Politics of Pink, London (2018); Slippage, a group exhibition to the Post Instutite, London (2018); Art Brussels and Art Dubai (2018); How can we reconnect human culture wit mother nature?, Rotterdam (2018). Other recent exhibitions include a Im/material: Painting in the Digital Age, London (2017); “Searching for magic and the distorted image falling from your iCloud”, London (2017); in the same year he has partecipated at Art Brussels, Brussels, at Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, and at Untitled Art Fair, Miami; TBD at Clemens Gunzer Gallery, Zurich (2016); Art Brussels at Ron Mandos Gallery, Brussels (2016); 2°C above acCLI-M8 X, solo DataError show addressing Climate Changes /Global Warming, curated by Domenico de Chirico at Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam (2016); IMAGINE, Brand New Gallery, Milan (2016); Zero Zero at Annka Kultys Gallery, London (2016); LOUPS at Museum Cognacq-Jay, Paris (2016);Dallas Art Fair, Dallas (2015); The C Art Collection, a group exhibition in Milan (2015); The Whole is Other than the Sum of the Parts, London (2015); Art15, London (2015); Friezewk , London (2015); Link, Paris (2015); PUBLICPRIVATE, Armory Art Week, New York (2014); Painting in Relation, Solyanka Art Museum, Moscow (2014); Flesh Reality, Point Zero Project Space, London (2013); Question of Sport, Royal Academy and Museum of Contemporary Art, Clifford Chance Collection, London (2012); and CutOut, Sotheby's Institute of Art, London (2011). Wyrebek is the recipient of the 2011 Sir John Cass Sculpture Prize, along with both the John Burn Sponsorship Award for 3-D printing and the Metropolitan Works Sponsorship Award for rapid prototyping, both in 2011.