Luca Pozzi was born in Milan, Italy, in 1983. He lives and works in his hometown. Pozzi specialized in 3D Graphics and Computer Systems at the Albert Steiner Institute and graduated with Honors in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan."The space-time is an all-encompassing container, where everything is next to each other in a holistic sense. There is a strange feeling of frozen time. Past, present and future are indistinguishable. A series of multidisciplinary correspondences are converging into a beautiful network of pure and basic information beyond geographical, political and linguistic borders. The importance of the less intuitive aspects of our reality: quantum gravity, teleportation, entanglement, augmented reality, time travel, cosmology and biodiversity. The result of an unusual correlation between theoretical physics, informatics and contemporary art. "His works are parts of prestigious public and private collections at: the Mart of Rovereto, the Mambo of Bologna, the MEF of Turin, the Artist Pension Trust of London, and The Archive of Spatial Aesthetics and Praxis of New York. Among the most recent solo exhibitions: BlazingQuasi-StelarObject, curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi - INTERNET SAGA, in collaboration with Fermi Lat, INFN and Nasa at CERN Large Hadron Collider, Geneve (2017); Discovery & Premonition, Alexander Levy, Berlin (2016); The Messengers of Gravity, open site-speficic, Museo Ettore Fico - MEF, Turin (2015); Time Paradox, performance, Museo del Novecento, Milan (2014); The Messages of Gravity, GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin (2013); Waiting 4 Orcle [1560-2012], Kabe Contemporary, Miami, (2012); Loops, Fondacion José Pons, Madrid (2011); A.E.W.O.M. [Le strabisme du dragon] Aleph Exeriment Without Mass, Museo Marino Marini, Florence. Among group exhibitions are: Collector Choice, Eduardo Secci Contemporary (2018); NautilusPartI, curated by Zoe De Luca, Marselleria, Milan (2017); Selfmanagement, Galleria Enrico Astuni, Bologna (2016); One Church One Column, Palazzo Re Enzo, Cappella di S.Maria dei Carcerati, Bologna (2015); Me, Me, Mirror, Hariviera Gallery, Tel Aviv (2014); Open Monument, Bethanien Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin (2013); Higher Atlas, Marrakech Biennale/Teatre Royal, Marrakech (2012); T.O.E [Theory of Everything], CAB Bastille, Grenoble (2011); Qui Vive?, Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, The White Hall, Moscow (2010).

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