Maurizio Donzelli was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1958. He lives and works in Brescia. He's teached for seven years at NABA of Brescia. The poetical elements in Donzelli's work have always focused on some key points of the artistic process: drawing, image revelation, the incapability of the observer in defining the work, relationship between light and color. The drawing practice is the intellectual and technical tool with which Donzelli compares artistic and philosophical reflection with the themes of image immateriality and temporariness, with its quality as an analogy, or, more in general, of transfiguration and transformation.

Donzelli exhibited in numerous solo shows, in gallery and Institutions as: Cortesi Gallery, London (2017); Galleria Marignana, Venice (2016); Galleria Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence (2015); Palazzo Altemps, Rome (2015); Galleria Giacomo Guidi, Rome (2015); Palazzo Beccaguti Cavriani, Mantova (2013); Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2012); Galleria Caterina Tognon, Venice (2009); Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia (2007); 41Artecontemporanea, Turin (2006); Galleria Bullseye, Portland (2005); Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea, Bergamo (2004); Gamec, Bergamo (2004); Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica, Palazzo Fontana di Trevi, Rome (2003); Nuova Icona, Venice (2001); Biagiotti Arte Contemporanea, Florence (2000); Neon, Bologna (2000). He also partecipated at group exhibitions in gallery and institutions like (most recent shows): Shenzhen Contemporary Art Biennale, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen (2018), Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2017); Gallery of Art at Temple University, Rome (2016); United States Embassy Rome, Rome (2015); Padiglione Esprit Nouveau, Bologna (2014); Galleria Gagliardi Art System, Turin (2014); Triennale di Milan, Milan (2013); Galleria Della Biennale Malindi, Kenya (2013); Basilica di santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo (2013); Museo Internazionale del Design Ceramico, Cerro di Laveno (2013); Museo Santa Giulia, Brescia (2013); L'Arte è Mobile, Milan (2012); Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan (2010); Wunderlkammern Gallery, Rome (2009); Museo Carlo Bilotti, Aranceria di Villa Borghese, Rome (2009).

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