Michael Staniak was born in Melbourne in 1982 where he currently lives and works. He obtained a BFA and a MFA from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, as well as a BA in Digital Media Communications from the Middle Tennessee State University.


Staniak creates the paintings mostly by hand - he builds up texture with uneven layers of plaster and then paints the surface in a range of ways - his paintings bear an uncanny resemblance to flat digital prints. Indeed, one must view the works up close to perceive any texture or depth, and as such, they behave like contemporary trompe l’oeil paintings that baffle the senses. Some paintings do however utilize digital methods of output and in so doing create a dialogue between the two modes of production. His works explore a new aesthetic in painting, one which is influenced by digital technologies, including touch pads, smart phones, personal computing and the Internet.


In addition to Staniak’s identification with an art-historical heritage that includes cave paintings, ancient marble reliefs, minimalism and drip paintings, he also adds to the legacy of Southern California’s Finish Fetish artists of the 1960s and 1970s and the Light and Space artists of the same era.


Staniak was the protagonist of personal exhibitions at the Eduardo Secci Gallery, Florence (2018); Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (2017); Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Louis, St. Louis (2015); Annarunna Gallery, Naples (2015); Artereal Gallery, Sydney (2014). Among the group exhibitions we mention the exhibitions at the galleries: Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (2018); Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Mexico (2018); Homeostatis Pavilion, São Paulo, Brazil; The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn (2017); Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (2016); Blain Southern, Berlin (2015); The Moving Museum, Istanbul (2014); Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (2014); Horton Gallery, New York (2013); Northern Territory Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2012).In 2017, the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis published a monograph of his work, titled IMG_, which was then reported in numerous publications, including Artforum, Flashart Italy, Vault, Australia and Leap Beijing.

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