Largely influenced by abstract expressionism and geometric abstractions, Pierre Knop has also found a home in figurative painting after years of experimentation. However, his work is extremely political and he views this as its defining characteristic over any stylistic decisions he may make. Consumed with the question of identity in an increasingly globalised world, Knop’s paintings channel his anger with the rise of populism into art. Born in 1982 in Nancy, France and raised in Frankfurt, Germany Pierre Knop attended the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under the tutelage of Andreas Schulze and Katharina Grosse. He went on to continue studying with Katherina Grosse as a Meisterschüler. He now lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Knop has enjoyed successful solo exhibitions in Aarhus, Düsseldorf (2019), New York City, Cologne (2019), Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy, ‚Ei Gude‘ (2018), Art Cologne, New Positions, Setareh Gallery (2018), Lyles and King, New York, USA (2018), Project, ‚Bachsimpel‘ (2018), Setareh Gallery, Düsseldorf, ‚Des wilden Zufalls Beute‘ (2017), Jacob Bjørn Gallery, Mayor Projects, Aarhus, Dk (2016) and Kunstverein Koelnberg, Cologne, ‚The third hand‘ (with Wolfgang Voegele) (2015). 


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