Terry Haggerty translates natural forms, man-made objects, and ambiguous shapes into engaging line compositions that oscillate between flat and dimensional space using simple two-color combinations, as well as multi-colored line arrangements painted on shaped wood panels and fabricated metal. Using a simple curved line motif, Haggerty stretches the picture plane beyond view with running parallel lines that bend from sight to define both visible and invisible space. Within the confines of an outlined shape, multiple angles of a form, seemingly contradictory, are viewed from a single viewpoint. The focus of perception gradually shifts towards the visual qualities of the painted object. The viewer is drawn to their flatness and technically-consummate surface finish that gives the appearance of quasi-mechanical perfection. There’s no build-up of paint on paint to be seen; we are left with a non-reflective surface that leaves no history of its making, preserved in an encased varnished shell. Terry Haggerty was born in London, England and studied at the Cheltenham School of Art, Gloucestershire. His work has been exhibited widely in galleries and museums around the world, including solo presentations at the Norton Museum of Art, West palm Beach, FL; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. He is the recipient of several awards including the FOR-SITE Foundation Award (2009), John Anson Kittredge Award (2003), and the NatWest Art Prize (1999). Commissions include wall drawings for AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Munich Re in London, Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis and corporate and private collections around the world.

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