Precipitato Formale: Giuseppe Stampone and Jota Castro


Precipitato Formale, the first exhibit in Florence entirely dedicated to the work by Giuseppe Stampone (1974), presented in three large rooms that, through new pieces and projects created in collaboration with other artists, will further explore the main themes of the author’s research: pedagogical activity as a way to formalize artworks, the connection with art history, and the relationship with other artists.

Through a practice that foresees a constant passage of information, the revisitation of visual and verbal languages of history, and pedagogical and collaborative conjugations, Stampone summarizes the images and the processes in his artwork, which is the visible synthesis, the formal precipitate, in which time, space and relation are found. The Florentine exhibit marks a symbolic viewpoint, in which two decades of studies on the medium, from drawing to relational practices, and on the political dimension of art converge.

Installation Views