Mass Spectacle: Victor Agius, Alberto Borea, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Diana Al Hadid, Santiago Taccetti, Hector Zamora


Mass Spectacle a cura di Pietro Gaglianò | 25 Gennaio – 23 Marzo 


"The alignment of reality with the masses and of the masses with reality is a process of immeasurable importance for both thinking and perception."


The artworks of six international artists are displayed around this statement by Walter Benjamin (L'opera d'arte nell'epoca della sua riproducibilità tecnica, 1936) to illustrate a series of queries on form and on the sense of collective representations, on the role of art in its relationship with power. The project Mass Spectacle / Spectacles for the Masses is triggered by a contemplation on monuments set in the contemporary landscape and is displayed as a journey through the possible counter-narrations enacted by art questioning which one is its public and what are the limits of its effectiveness with regards to the economic system in which it is promoted and confined.

 The artists involved are mainly from cultures that have been forced to face heavy colonial heritages or that find themselves in pivotal regions between conflicting continents and areas of influence, and their research is enriched by a critical view on the Westernized mass cultural production.


Mass Spectacle

Installation Views