Tensioni Strutturali #1: Carlo Bernardini, Esther Stocker, Monika Grzymala, Roberto Pugliese


TENSIONI STRUTTURALI, curated by Angel Moya Garcia, articulates itself as an organic project, divided in three separate exhibitions, which are mutually independent but yet interconnected among each other, and that will be gradually presented within the Gallery's new exhibition spaces. The premiere of the exhibition will focus on the central role of the individual in the construction of perceived space, whereas the second step of the exhibition will analyze the different possibilities of matter as an element of representation, and then, finally, the third part of the exhibition will study the entropic processes of daily environments.


Four guest artists develop the first part of this trilogy, Carlo Bernardini, Monika Grzymala, Roberto Pugliese, and Esther Stocker, as an attempt to examine – through methodologies, poetics and different visions – the experiential space of reality and the role of the individual in its composition. A succession of ephemeral balances, unusual structures that increment the possibilities of perception, suspended explosions originating one disruptive disorientation, straight segments of lights and shadows that mark a subtle difference between the visible and the illusory, and sound processes that force space, making it a formal synthesis of its inherent characteristics. Residual traces of a sequence of under-tension devices, set and stratified into space, which reveal themselves to be gradually modulated, suspended, neat, and outlined, and are felt only in the moment in which the spectator expe- riences them. An invitation to experience the different contributions, overwhelmed with singularities, deformities, thresholds, and breaking points, in an environment in which peri- meters are cancelled, stability is lost, and reference coordinates are hopelessly forgotten.

Installation Views