Eduardo Secci Contemporary gallery is pleased to present Security, a solo exhibit by the artist Tim Plamper, curated by Domenico de Chirico.

The interdisciplinary nature of Tim Plamper's practice originates from an interest in many fields of knowledge: from literature to anthropology, from philosophy to sociology, from art history to eroticism and transgression. An empirically-based theory that sees the human mind as the origin of all knowledge since it receives the stimuli of the outside world, and then organizes and expresses them via language, the exploration of physical experience and multifaceted nudity, including the hedonistic nuditas naturalis, the charitable nuditas temporalis, the innocent nuditas virtualis and the lustful nuditas criminalis, reconsidered beyond the symbolic garments between Eros and Thanatos, are all peculiar characteristics of Tim Plamper's most recent works.


Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition