NOVO | Pastoral: Theo Triantafyllidis


The Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present “Pastoral”, a solo show by Theo Triantafyllidis, curated by THE SWAN STATION.


162 years have passed since Jean François Millet painted "The Angelus" and "The Gleaners", 169 from the realization of the "Sower", nevertheless Theo Triantafyllidis, for this show, annihilates the passage of time by drawing inspiration from idyllic representation of nature and converting it into the parallel world of online video games and augmented reality immersive experiences. He extends the classical perception of space and time overlapping, with irony and romantic awareness, the labyrinthine Greek mythology with the internet of things. He accesses to the primordial connective core that relates "man" with the merciless rhythms of sowing and harvesting to then teleport the viewer (as a player) into a subjective scene of apparently meaningless escape. The fantasy of the pastoral lifestyle has long been a seductive loophole from technology and life in the city. This fantasy has found new forms in games like Farming Simulator where the player has to adjust to the slower rhythms of the seasons and Witcher 3 where horseback rides in vast and beautiful landscapes are abruptly interrupted by monstrous encounters.

Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition