Tensioni Strutturali #3: Baptiste Debombourg, Daniel Canogar, Levi Van Veluw, Zimoun


The Eduardo Secci Gallery is pleased to inaugurate the group show Tensioni Strutturali #3, curated by Angel Moya Garcia.

The Tensioni Strutturali trilogy has been articulated and conceived as an organic project, broken down into three independent exhibits, which, however, are interconnected between one another, and have been gradually presented in the gallery's exhibition spaces. The first show, carried out in February 2016, focused on the central role of the individual in the construction of perceived space, through environmental installations by Carlo Bernardini, Monika Grzymala, Roberto Pugliese, and Esther Stocker. The second show, inaugurated in November 2016, analyzed the different possibilities of matter as an element of representation, through the works by Davide Dormino, Diamante Faraldo, Andrea Nacciarriti, Marzia Corinne Rossi, and Aeneas Wilder. This last, and final appointment, will showcase an exhibit that seals the trilogy, which will figure site-specific installations by Daniel Canogar, Baptiste Debombourg, Levi Van Veluw and Zimoun, who will explore the entropic process within everyday environments.

Installation Views