L'immagine e il suo doppio: Andrea Galvani, David Noonan, Margo Wolowiec, Sanam Khatibi, Sara Barker


Eduardo Secci is pleased to present the exhibition "L'immagine e il suo doppio," curated by Domenico de Chirico and featuring works by Sara Barker, Andrea Galvani, Sanam Khatibi, David Noonan, and Margo Wolowiec.
Doubles have always greatly interested philosophers; especially those focused on aesthetics studies. The search for something that is concealed behind an image has been dismantled even before the dawn of the phenomenology through which a new meaning of doubles was introduced, or, better, a new feeling. This feeling isn't new, but rather a primordial feeling, probably the most ancient, pure, naïf and harmonic, or, in other words, one dating back to Ancient Greece. 

Installation Views