NOVO | No old thing under the sun: Sabrina Casadei


The Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery in Florence is pleased to announce the inauguration of Sabrina Casadei's solo show, "No old thing under the sun", curated by Micol Di Veroli, which will open on Saturday May 19th 2018 at our exhibition venue in Piazza Goldoni. On the occasion, the artist will present a series of pictorial works characterized by a level of abstraction and an arbitrary organization of lines, colors and surfaces, with the specific goal of establishing new forms of reality or unreality of landscapes. According to the artist's vision, painting isn't simply a device to obsequiously reproduce all aspects of what's visible, but a semi-symbolic system where history, form and action coexist with different effects on temporality and human perception.

Sabrina Casadei, in fact, is interested in the imaginative aspects, intended as a series of aesthetic reflections underlining the complex mechanism whereby humans relate to the untold, to human mystery, to the enigma hidden behind every reassuring and ordinary form.

At the exhibit, her artworks, of different sizes, are arranged on a wall, recreating the look of a painting collection; a semiotic tool that accentuates the spatiality of each landscape, organized in progressive levels of depth. Each possibility of what is real and symbolic merges to generate new structures and mechanisms, until reaching the extension of research on spatial dimensions, which here is overturned and reorganized. The works by Sabrina Casadei are able to fully grasp the spirit of the times as an immediate manifestation of being in regards to consciousness, highlighting the subtle spirit of life within distant facts as well as nearer ones, and analyze space and situations and all those matters that reach closer to existence, such as values and principles.

Sabrina Casadei, born in Rome in 1985, where she currently lives and works. Among her latest shows: Terre emerse, at the Francesca Antonini gallery of contemporary art in Rome; A Thousand Miles Away; at Albumarte, Rome; PUNCTUM – INVISIBILI CONNESSIONI, at the Italgas Historical Archive and Museum, Turin; Malerbe, at the Austrian Culture Institute in Rome.

Installation Views