Disegno: Monika Grzymala


Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery in Florence is pleased to announce the inauguration of the the solo exhibition "Disegno" by Monika Grzymala, curated by Angel Moya Garcia.

Monika Grzymala's research focuses on the different opportunities of lines and gestures in a three-dimensional space through the use of materials like adhesive tape, charcoal or large relief line drawings in handmade Washi paper. Her installations, developed to build a new cosmos and new relations, radically reconfigure the environments in which they are conceived; whereas her designs on paper are delicate, fragile and transient, yet conceal a disruptive materiality. In both declinations, however, the vigorous gestures of the artist are noticed in the entangled lines that spread and disperse, expend and bend, dilate and branch out, creating an dynamic, unpredictable and uncertain rhythm.

Installation Views