Symmetric Difference: Terry Haggerty


Eduardo Secci Contemporary is pleased to present Symmetric Difference an exhibition of new works by Terry Haggerty.

The show features a new series of shaped paintings, metal relief objects and a site-specific wall drawing that further expands Haggerty's distinct visual range through simple curved compositions. Expanding the boundaries of abstract art, Haggerty creates his own distinct visual language through the exploration of form and perception to translate natural shapes, man-made objects and ambiguous forms into captivating compositions of lines that oscillate between the flat space and the dimensional one. Over time, the artist's practice has evolved from simple, recurrent, line arrangements to encompass shaped canvases and three-dimensional works. Taking the pared-down language of abstraction associated with Formalism as a point of departure, Haggerty draws on influences ranging from Minimalism to Pop and Op Art. Haggerty's work appears almost impossible to the eye; in asserting a spatial presence, yet distorting illusory perceptions, he provokes new ways of experiencing three-dimensionality.


Installation Views