NOVO | Shephard, Desmond & Locke: Enrico Boccioletti, Dustin Cauchi, Alessandro Di Pietro


Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present SHEPHARD / DESMOND & LOCKE, the third exhibit curated by The Swan Station (the curatorial platform ideated by Luca Pozzi for the activation of counter-intuitive experiences associated to phenomena of quantum gravity, entanglement and multidimensionality), featuring the works by Dustin Cauchi, Enrico Boccioletti and Alessandro di Pietro.
The SHEPHARD / DESMOND & LOCKE project is directly linked to the TV series LOST (2005-2010), in which a plane carrying a group of strangers crashes on a mysterious island due to an unexplainable karmic relationship. An island with no precise geographic coordinates, invisible to both radars and GPS, with a wheel-shaped engine (Chakravartin) that allows it to warp from place to place and from time to time, just as an electron on the orbits of a giant atom. The entire series focuses on the death of the survivors, referred to as macroscopic, linear and predictable beings, made of flesh and blood, and on their rebirth, on their conscious awakening to the spiritual paradoxes of quantum mechanics, of quarks, of subatomic particles and, more in general, of the invisible reality that links and produces all possible phenomena. 

Installation Views