The Abstract Cabinet: Aldo Chaparro, Beth Letain, Blair Thurman, Caro Jost, Gerold Miller, Katja Strunz, Michael Staniak, Thomas Wachholz


Eduardo Secci Contemporary is pleased to present the exhibition The Abstract Cabinet curated by Friederike Nymphius, featuring the works by Aldo Chaparro, Caro Jost, Beth Letain, Gerold Miller, Michael Staniak, Katja Strunz, Blair Thurman, Thomas Wachholz. The collective show will be inaugurated at the gallery's main exhibition spaces in Piazza Goldoni 2, Florence, on June 29th 2019, at 6:00 pm.

The show will feature works by a group of international artists coming from different artistic as well as cultural backgrounds. Although working with different media, they share an interest in abstract principles, interpreted and employed individually by each artist. The character of the concept is accentuated by the formally reduced formal aspect of the works, by the use of few colors like black, white, grey, silver contrasted with bright pink and blue. The artists mix an abstract vocabulary with a strong consciousness for the presence thus emphasizing the specific aesthetics of the show.

Installation Views