Kevin Francis Gray: Museo Stefano Bardini


The Stefano Bardini Museum, in collaboration of Eduardo Secci Gallery and with the contribution of MOA Concept, is pleased to announce the  the exhibition Kevin Francis Gray, which will take place from June 2 to December 21, 2020.


The poetics of Gray's work grapple with the complex relation between abstraction and representation. The dedication to realism, the meticulous attention to detail in his subjects, and the use of materials such as bronze and marble, may seem conventional to regular contemporary art spectators, but it is exactly this material and visual point of reference that become unconventional. His works aim to transcend the natural and the material, both in form and in the subject of study, yearning towards an unreachable physical perfection in the temporal world. This tension between what is real and surreal lends itself well to a worthy query on the contemporary definitions of tradition and innovation.

Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition