Window Installation, Circular Persuasion: Levi Van Veluw


Eduardo Secci Contemporary is pleased to present the last site-specific installation by the Dutch artist Levi Van Veluw. “Window Installation, Circular Persuasion”, lasting until January 2021, is always visible to the public in Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli 14, Florence.


Right in the heart of the town of Florence, Levi Van Veluw’s first window installation with its bright colours and immersive atmospheres invites whoever passes by to contemplation. Visible at any time of the day, the project redefines the space it occupies charging it of an aura of spirituality. Floating in the space is “Circular Persuasion”, a sculpture made working the clay entirely by hands and as such betraying an authentic, coarse and organic character. The body of water filling the down part of the ambient stands as a purifying element within the installation. The architecture, progressively converging towards a central vanishing point occupied by the blue circular sculpture, seems to recall a religious construction such as the presbytery of a church. Thus, the carefully constructed shapes and patterns exude a timeless character prompting an euphoric holy experience. Inaugurated in one of the most challenging historical moments of contemporary society, the work embodies a story of the past, the present and the future capable of transcending contingency and offering spiritual restoration to the eyes of the comers, just like holy places did to religious pilgrimages.

Installation Views