Eduardo Secci Gallery is pleased to present  the exhibitions “Marco Tirelli” opening on January 23rd and lasting until March 6th. The Roman artist’ solo show will be curated by Alberto Fiz and will inaugurate the 2021 exhibition season with a series of new works created during the months of the lockdown.


The works are proposed in three spaces through a sophisticated installation that creates a strong emotional involvement. The exhibition gives rise to a crescendo that leads to an installation of about 12 frameless canvases of different sizes arranged on the wall. Conceived in this way, the show is characterized by a surprising parallelism with the great project that Tirelli created for the 2013 Venice Biennale.


In this last series of works Tirelli, one of the most significant artists of the contemporary scene, questions the regenerative power of the image on the basis of an investigation that appears to be particularly relevant in today's society, where the flow of media seems to have subtracted value to every form of iconography by trivializing the message. Tirelli, on the contrary, recovers the primary meaning of the image by subjecting it each time to the verification of the paint in a way that does not duplicate reality but transforms it.


Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition