NOVO FIRENZE Radu Oreian: Radu Oreian


Eduardo Secci Gallery is pleased to present  the exhibitions "Radu Oreian” opening on January 23rd and lasting until March 6th . “Radu Oreian”, the first monographic show of the young Romanian artist to be held in Florence, will inaugurate Eduardo Secci 2021 exhibition season and  will be curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto.


The body of works exhibited represents a selection of the artist’s latest production, a series that ranges from detailed drawings with graphite, to oil paintings on canvas, wood and  plexiglass. Such a variety of media, besides reflecting Oreian’s ease in moving between different techniques, is also a demonstration of the classical heritage that seems to be at the very base of the artist’s practice.


The oil paintings, executed in occasion of the exhibition and dated 2020, are part of the so-called “Molecular Paintings” series. These works, recalling miniatures and their minute details, are capable of drawing the viewer's eye and transporting it through the fabric of the in paint while leading it to the deeper meaning of the painting. As Pier Paolo Pancotto writes in his introductory text, the unifying element of Oreian's works "(...) despite their heterogeneity, it is a dense, highly expressive chromatic vocabulary where the material seems at times to clump and blend with other substances until it becomes rough, sandy even if, in reality, it is only the way in which it is arranged on the surface (layered and kneaded with a brush tip) that causes this effect; as well as, a shared iconographic repertoire, ranging from physical memory (the reference to the bowels of one's own body or skin) to the intellectual one (Renaissance painting, the classical one admired in Pompeii and Rome, the calligraphy of the ancient East) of the artist. (...) ".

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