Eduardo Secci gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Alfredo Pirri’s solo show “Acustica”, curated by Laura Cherubini, on Friday, October 8, 2021 (4.00 – 9.00 pm), in Milan (Via Bernardino Zenale 3). The exhibition will be on view until November 27, 2021

Introducing the project, the evocative words by the artist:

The exhibition is called “Acustica”, which means hearing and listening.

According to the Italian encyclopedia La Treccani: "Traditionally it is considered the science that studies sound, its properties, its mechanism of formation, propagation and reception, and, today it encompasses all the vibratory phenomena of matter and all frequencies."

It is composed (... like a piece of music) of watercolors. Six are large-scale, about 250 cm (98.4 in) high by 117 cm (46 in) base including frames. So, they are big enough for how we generally imagine watercolors and in fact, when you open your mouth to pronounce the word watercolor, something minor resounds in your head, both in measure and in technical and ideal dedication, a playful and light material comes to mind. Indeed, these works are transparent and luminous as the technique imposes, but they have an unclear presence that is difficult to define in words. Inside and on the surface, they are animated by a nameless force that makes them appear alien to tradition yet within it. They are watercolors on paper bonded on aluminum and framed. Moreover, there will be others of different dimensions. Some of them are very small, the first of this series.

To properly defining these works, it is better to use words unrelated to art - therefore, "acoustic" is appropriate. You see round signs encircled by halos that open and overlap. At times, they recall the rain falling and bouncing in puddles, sometimes little loathsome, other times opened and bright. What happens is that everything vibrates together, putting shapes and colors in resonance. Those same in which we live immersed in the cities, on their fringes, and then further away where, perhaps, we would like to live.



Alfredo Pirri



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