NOVO MILANO Limone, limone: Radu Oreian, curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto


From October 8 to November 27 2021, NOVO is pleased to present “Limone, limone”, the first solo show in Milan by Radu Oreian.  Curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, the exhibition is the second appointment that the Galery dedicates to the young rumenian artist.


The body of works exhibited represents a selection of the artist’s latest production, a series that ranges from large to small scale paintings and which constitutes a continuation of the pictorial reflection that the previous projects in Florence (Eduardo Secci, 2021) and Rome (La Fondazione, 2020) had proposed. As Pier Paolo Pancotto writes in his curatorial text, “(…) also, from an iconographic point of view the works conceived for the Milan exhibition witnesses Oreian's vocabulary opening up to new visual opportunities. Intellectual memory (Renaissance painting admired in Pompeii and Rome or the Etruscan learned in Tarquinia, the calligraphy of the ancient East), which has always been accompanied by the physical one (the reference to the bowels of one's body, to one's skin or the biological liquids), seems to find more and more space in the artist's creative exercise by implementing it with new atmospheres. In particular, various references to antiquity emerge on the canvas with the strength of distant memories, weak in the visual definition but intense from an emotional point of view. Thus, unexpected narrative passages appear among the organic textures of color, according to an original and personal interpretation of the artist’s surrealist syntax. (...) ".

Installation Views