Eduardo Secci is pleased to announce the inauguration of Stanley Casselman's first Italian solo show, titled Vibrato and curated by David Anfam, which will take place on Thursday December 9, 2021 (from 16.00 to 20.00) in our Milan exhibition spaces (Via Bernardino Zenale, 3 ). The exhibition will be open until  March 25, 2022.

For the occasion, Stanley Casselman presents a new body of works whose sumptuous surfaces support a sense of awe and wonder, as if they were themselves spiritual elements of our being. In this sense, the experiential and speculative sources that create the network of physical reality are often a powerful undercurrent of the artist's paintings.

Casselman is deeply linked to the idea that colors, lines and shapes have the ability to change our perceptual and cognitive dimension. Baroque but at the same time direct, his artistic process is revealed in a pictorial spectrum that explores a wide range of emotions in search of a higher consciousness. 

We can refer to the evocative words of the artist himself: “we as human beings seek to control our physical world, but often fail to realize that we owe our very existence to countless evolutionary events governed by only the known and the not yet understood forces that have played out since the dawn of both space and time. Humanity is inseparable from nature and nature driven by evolution is inherently blind. It’s in this light that I choose to uncover new visual experiences that challenge us to consider our relationship to the universe we inhabit”. 


Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition