Unmatter: Curated by Alberto Fiz


Eduardo Secci gallery is pleased to announce the group show “Unmatter” curated by Alberto Fiz, featuring works by Joshua Hagler, Luisa Rabbia, and Maja Ruznic. The opening will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2022 in Milan.

The concept of “unmatter” is defined as neither matter nor anti-matter, but something liminal, and its existence seems in the universe extremely possible. The exhibition presents three international artists characterized by their own language, here for the first time together expressing a common alphabet of feelings.

Observing the works on view, it appears clear that painting for the three artists is an all-encompassing experience capable of creating a complex web of signs focused on identifying a psychic and emotional matrix.

Joshua Hagler’s wide color sections develop the pantheistic part that concerns the entire pictorial process. Luisa Rabbia repossesses the profound meaning of painting through an investigation that integrates the intimate experience of the self with otherness, creating a mapping that allows her to contemplate every aspect within a personal cosmology. Maja Ruznic weaves different registers in the context of a practice characterized by uninterrupted transits between shape and color, memory and identity.

Installation Views
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