La Chute: Curated by Edoardo Monti


Friday 27 May 2022, NOVO opens the exhibition La Chute by Marco De Sanctis, curated by Edoardo Monti. The artist’s first solo exhibition in the rooms of the experimental space of the Eduardo Secci Gallery continues until 10 September 2022.


Fruit of the work of over a year, La Chute (The Fall) collects a body of works entirely unpublished that ranges between different practices: sculpture, painting, engraving, and even fusion. The restoration techniques - the starting point of the well-established Marine series - are combined with the knowledge of materials such as bronze and marble, expertly declined in the genre of still life, as in Vanitas, also in works with more solemn tones like Icona and Fallite Fallentes.


De Sanctis' investigation is the result of a continuous process of re-elaboration of the image. Rooted in the past - the history of art, as the romantic reference to the idea of "fragment" and the personal past, which emerges from the continuity of the work over the years.


The focus of the exhibition remains on reflection on the potential of the image, its decadence, and time. Combining conceptually new works with previous research, La Chute traces the artistic path of Marco De Sanctis, constituting a moment of synthesis of the research carried out so far and starting point for the one to come.

Installation Views