Diramante 2016


Art is based on ideas, and ideas, of course, derive from the personalities of the various artists. The idea of beauty changes from artist to artist, since each artist has his or her own concept of what constitutes art, not always in parallel as what constitutes beauty. Contemporary art is frequently irreverent and mocking, a tongue-in cheek gag designed to elicit an eye roll from the art world cognoscenti. Occasionally there is a glimmer of originality amongst a sea of derivative production and imitation. Some contemporary art even destructive, not only without substance, but actually strafing the social fabric of the society which produced it.
Dirmante, Maurizio Donzelli's elegant new exhibition, indicates the artist's direction, as he seeks to strengthen, transform and deepen his art, and the focus of his attention to the biological imperative, the act of creation in nature at the cellular level. In nature, as Donzelli indicates in his title, the organism, the object, continually strives to "branch out," as does the artist who creates art. This is not only an idea, it is an external action or an inward feeling of expansion and enlargement, be it the branches of a tree uplifted towards the sun or a zygote relentlessly replicating its cells to make another animal. In a word, there is a "branching out" towards artistic engagement and Dirmante can be described as the artist's effort to reach his audience.


Eduardo Secci Contemporary
Florence, 2016