Matera Alberga - Arte Accogliente

Giuseppe Stampone

Matera Alberga - Arte Accogliente gives an appointment on February 23 from 11 to 21 with the intervention of Giuseppe Stampone (Cluses, 1974) at the Hotel del Campo, curated by Francesco Cascino (Matera 1965). After the great public and press success of the openings created on the occasion of the opening of Matera 2019 - with the works of Dario Carmentano, Alfredo Pirri, Filippo Riniolo - the project is about to reveal the fourth installation by building a virtual and real map of the art and hospitality in the Sassi of Matera.
Giuseppe Stampone's work, created on the occasion of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, will remain as a permanent work.


Press Release - Stampone a Matera Alberga 


27 November 2019
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