Lo spazio del cielo

Alfredo Pirri

On Friday 12th July at 5.00 pm the project Lo Spazio del Cielo is inaugurated: three contemporary art works by Alfredo Pirri, Elena Mazzi and Matteo Nasini on a circular route on the Via Francigena between Viterbo, Vetralla and Caprarola. Lo Spazio del Cielo is a Coopculture project selected by the Public Notice Arte sui Cammini promoted by the Lazio Region, directed by Arci Viterbo / Cantieri d'Arte and curated by Marco Trulli. The works orient the step, illuminate the path like lanterns, resonate in the landscape, and are stations that always mark a boundary, the arrival in a built-up area, the crossing of a limit, the beginning of a new phase of the journey. The route starts from the thermal area of Viterbo, where Alfredo Pirri has identified the thermal bathhouse of the Ex Terme Inps, a real luminous object realized through the requalification of the building and the use of windows with feathers inserted inside them.


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27 November 2019
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