Carapelli for art 2019

Enrico Boccioletti

We are happy to announce that the installation "LOOMER" by Enrico Boccioletti, on show in Project Room of the gallery until few weeks ago, has been announced to be this year's Carapelli For Art winner for the open category, alongside with Andrea Zucchini's "Dreamwalker".
"LOOMER" is is a sculptural installation composed by a microphone stick, cables, garments, heat-emitting UV bulbs, various objects and acoustic transducers that sense and amplify the electromagnetic waves of cellphones. A kind of mineral abstract machine, or a scarecrow in a world no longer inhabited by organic beings, which releases alien sounds as it gets close to the phones of the viewer, establishing somewhat of a divine bridge between the viewers and the energy fields surrounding physical objects. Some incomprehensible physical dialogue, which reveals hyper spectral realities that spread, translucent, between the frameworks of the real present, hypothetical futures, and pasts, which appear as different and shimmering.



27 November 2019
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