Marco Tirelli

Contrappunti, 2

Born from an idea by Bruno Toscano and commissioned by the San Gemini Onlus Historical Valorisation Association, chaired by Leda Cardillo Violati, the exhibition features works by eight internationally renowned artists who have their studies on the Martani Mountains, a fascinating portion of Apennine Umbria: Laura Barbarini, Stefano Di Stasio, Giuseppe Gallo, Paola Gandolfi, Robin Heidy Kennedy, Cesare Mirabella, Marco Tirelli, Claudio Verna.
"The Martani Mountains constitute a conspicuous part of the landscape both for those looking from the Spoletana Valley and for those looking from the Tevere Valley and the Conca Ternana", writes Toscano in the catalog, and "this context [...] is a visible synthesis of landscape and memory, an indivisible value, which is probably the profound quality for which our artists have chosen it ".
Therefore promoting a reflection on the relationship between artist and place is the idea on which the exhibition hinges which, through a significant anthology of paintings and drawings, allows you to explore some possible variations of making art today, with contents and languages ​​very much distant.




24 March 2020
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