A Collection

Giuseppe Stampone

The first stage of the international presentation of A Collection starts from Turin, on October 31st (until December 15th), a great project that intertwines the contemporary research of young, but established artists of the Italian scene with the creative vision of new weaving techniques. The project takes shape in 10 + 1 fascinating large contemporary tapestries made with extraordinary yarns obtained from the processing of recycled plastic by the master weaver Giovanni Bonotto, Green Fashion Award 2018.
The project, curated by Chiara Casarin sees the participation of ten invited artists: Giuseppe Abate, Thomas Braida, Nebojša Despotović, Manuel Felisi, Alberto La Tassa, Elena Mazzi, Ruben Montini, Giovanni Ozzola, Fabio Roncato, Giuseppe Stampone.


Link: www.operabarolo.it 

3 November 2019
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