IDRA Istituto Di Ricerca Anime di Alfredo Pirri

Pirri per Matera Alberga a cura di Francesco Cascino

Matera Alberga - Welcoming Art is back, on 18th January from 11.00 to 21.00, on the eve of the Matera 2019 opening ceremony. From this date Dimore dell'Idris will host the work La fonte del tempo (The Source of Time) by Dario Carmentano (Matera, 1960) curated by Christian Caliandro, while the Locanda San Martino will display Rapporti (Relationships) by Filippo Riniolo (Desio, 1986), curated by Francesco Cascino; Corte San Pietro will host a work by Alfredo Pirri (Cosenza, 1957), with the title IDRA Istituto Di Ricerca Anime (IDRA Soul Search Institute), which visitors have had a chance to experience since 22nd December 2018.

These works, like all the projects of Matera Alberga, will have a strong participatory dimension, inviting visitors to make direct contact with them. They will be installed on permanent display in the hotels. In Matera 2019, six hotels in the city, which evoke the old Neighbourhoods of the Sassi, will be transformed into places of welcome and creative experience, spaces for cultural production, and opportunities for social and cultural encounters between local people and visitors.



10 January 2019
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