Maurizio Donzelli | "IN NUCE" at Museo Civico Medievale in Bologna

May 7 - Sep 19, 2021

The site-specific solo exhibition of the artist Maurizio Donzelli (Brescia, 1958) is in dialogue with the works and environments of the Museo Civico Medievale: a path that invites the viewer to discover unexpected relationships between the precious artifacts and the centuries-old architecture of the museum and the types of the artist's works, from Tapestries to Mirrors, from Drawings of the Almost to the recent monochromes on gold, up to the presentation of the new pictorial series of Nocturnes, born as a pictorial meditation on isolation and waiting, between the end of 2020 and the first part of 2021, still unpublished.

In fact, the title of the exhibition, In nuce, highlights how Donzelli's work embryonically contains a visual and iconic narrative that can develop in different directions, potentially infinite: born from the stealthy gaze of the artist and capable of uniting, merging and distinguishing languages and forms of different times and geographies. This is the method of approach and dialogue that the artist employs with the past and its iconography, from which his work is inspired in a back-and-forth of emergencies and latencies of signs and hints, outcrops and visual whispers.

A precious and delicate reference that develops like an embroidery along the rooms of the museum, asking the spectator to find, starting from his own reminiscences and visual attitudes, relations and comparisons between the vestiges of the past and the contemporary pictorial and material surfaces of Donzelli that crouch between the rooms or impact strikingly in the environment. Letting himself be carried away by the suggestions and the wonders of the treasures of the Bolognese museum and by the stories that they give back room after room, Donzelli traces hypotheses of a journey through time and space, through the forms, the ornaments, the stratified iconographies, hidden and latent, from antiquity to contemporaneity.

A contemporary language that feeds on the stratifications and remnants of time, that cyclically evokes and returns to the vestiges of history and culture, without limits of geography or time: a work that perfectly fits into the equally stratified framework of the Museo Civico Medievale, in a dialectic tension with its precious treasures and its events inscribed within the walls and in the objects on display.

10 May 2021
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