Alfredo Pirri, PASSI

Castello Maniace di Ortigia, 17 maggio - 31 dicembre 2021

Passi is the title of a series of installations by the artist Alfredo Pirri. Since 2003, inside the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, many locations have hosted this important project. The last of them is the one at Castello Maniace in Siracusa.  Inside the structure, a gigantic floor of shattered mirrors leaves space for ancient finds of the place, and in this way offers an interesting dialogue between past and present. Thanks to this exhibition, we can observe a transformation of a millenary monument, thanks to the conceptual strength and visionary power offered by contemporary art. Pirri's installation in Syracuse is the largest edition of the work ever realized inside a closed space. While, as far as the biggest open-air one is concerned, we have the one designed for the Forum of Caesar in Rome.

7 July 2021
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