The Stampone blue produced by the brand Bic

"The Bic pen invents a new color dedicated to the Italian artist. 

There is the Klein blue and Anish Kapoor's Vantablack. And then there is the" Giuseppe Stampone blue. "The Italian artist, born in 1974 in Cluses, in France, living between Rome and Brussels, finally has his color. 

His famous drawings, the abcedaries (we saw them for example at the GAMeC in Bergamo in 2014) that create ironic discrepancies and short circuits between the use of the image and the lexical part, the maps and didactic projects part of the broader discourse of Global Education, created thanks to the virtuous use of the equally well-known Bic pen, will have a dedicated color from now on." 

The new exclusive Bic pen will only be used by Stampone for his designs and will not be put in production.

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21 January 2022
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