Eduardo Secci participates in Milano Art Week

Eduardo Secci participates in miart 2022 in Milan from April 1 to 3 (VIP Preview: March 31).

The 26th edition of the international modern and contemporary art fair, organized by Fiera Milano and directed by Nicola Ricciardi, involves 151 galleries from 20 countries.

The booth (B17, Pavilion 3) of the gallery - with locations in Florence and Milan - presents paintings by Daniel Crews-Chubb and sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray.

Concurrently, Friday, April 1, Eduardo Secci Milano (via Bernardino Zenale 3) opens the two-person showDaniel Crews-Chubb and Kevin Francis Gray” curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto. The exhibition takes place until May 20, 2022.

This double occasion brings together the paintings by Daniel Crews-Chubb and sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray that have a common visual vocabulary combining the figurative and the abstract. The works by the English painter and Irish sculptor dissect the matter through different techniques, stimulating intense psychological introspections.

Daniel Crews-Chubb's figurative motifs - inspired by different cultures of various eras - are repeated in long stratification processes, representing an investigation instrument of the same painting act. The artist intervenes for numerous layers on rough canvases, scratching and using oil, acrylic, spray paint, sand, charcoal, and pastel.

Kevin Francis Gray instead explores the human figure focusing on the tactile dimension of marble, trigging a sense of delicacy into the ability to shape it. His vast imagination draws on personal cultural heritage, combined with literary and philosophical references.

29 March 2022
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