Eduardo Secci Now Represents the Estate of Giò Pomodoro

Eduardo Secci and the Estate of Gio' Pomodoro are pleased to announce their collaboration to promote the Master's work. The dialogue between the gallery and the archive is focused on reviving the presence of the artist among the Italian and international scene through the knowledge, dissemination and protection of the whole body of work. The renewed presence at fairs and institutional, public and private events of Gio' Pomodoro is aimed at continuing the work carried out by the master, which is on view for the release of the Catalogo Ragionato in December 2022 - published by Silvana editoriale, for the 20th anniversary of the artist's death. 

Gio' Pomodoro, between the late 1950s and all of the 1960s, is essential when considering the sphere of international sculpture: his experimentations and ability to combine theory and practice of sculpture, make him a key figure in the sector. The idea of "Tensioni", then "Folle", whose form is determined by the self-arrangement by gravity of a canvas then fixed in plaster and finally in bronze, polyester as well, and marble, is an action that precurses every experiment of "Antiform" just as his "Soli" also on an urban scale within projects of public spaces, an idea of sculpture melted with the concept of urbanism, that today has no equal yet.

The first project that the Gallery and the Estate will offer to their public will be the Giò Pomodoro exhibition at the Florence venue in Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2. The opening of the retrospective will be held on September 16, 2022, and the exhibition will remain on view until December 23.
1 August 2022
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