Transformative Limits


Eduardo Secci Contemporary is delighted to present the double exhibition by Be Andr (Norway) and Klas Eriksson (Sweden). The exhibition will include selected works and works created especially for the occasion. This is the first Italian exhibition for these two Scandinavian artists, as well as being a unique opportunity to compare the two lines of personal research. The works on exhibit were created using a variety of techniques and range from large abstract paintings to video performance pieces, sculptures in wooden letters, texts in vinyl on mirrored surfaces, photographic works and site-specific events. As well as interviews with the artists, the catalogue for this project also includes an essay by the curator Lorenzo Bruni entitled ‘Look - It is right here!'
The double exhibition by Be Andr and Klas Eriksson will involve works that evoke and give substance to the potential relationship between the public and the environment through which it moves, analysing the implications on physical, visual and psychological levels. However, for the artists, this is simply the starting point to a lively discussion about what it means today to share the being who is aware of that special relationship between "himself and that surrounding him, with others who are different from him" in the era of the "global village" and "virtual experiences". Be Andr takes on these questions by placing English "sentences" in the architectural space in a way that changes their meaning depending on the environmental conditions in which they are set up.