All'orizzonte 2016


The Eduardo Secci Contemporary gallery is delighted to announce the launch of the recent collaboration with Alfredo Pirri, presenting two new one-man shows by the artist and a site-specific project.

The exhibitions, conceived respectively for the galleries of Pietrasanta (Via Eugenio Barsanti, 1) and Florence (Via Maggio 51R), reflect Alfredo Pirri's constant attention towards the borderland between art and architecture.


The Pietrasanta show presents a series of works on paper in which, starting from a two- dimensional medium, the artist develops "spaces of light" that live in a suspended, timeless atmosphere, continually shifting between the different physical dimensions.

In their diversity of chronology and format, Acque (Waters, 2007), Croce (Cross, 2014) and Pieghe (Folds, 2014) give rise to a harmonious and coherent whole that treats the pictorial surface like a strictly spatial element, a "representation" of meanings that evoke elements and images by subtraction.


The one-man show that will be hosted in the Florence premises of the gallery has its cue in analogous concerns, but presents works of different dimensions and types. While holding fast to the pictorial vocation, over recent years the artist has devoted himself to projects with a strong architectural matrix, producing numerous site-specific installations and working in liaison with architects on several occasions.

The results of these proficuous collaborations were recently exhibited at a show-study (held at the British School of Rome). They represent the new starting point for the forthcoming one-man show in Florence, at which an original installation will be presented that sets up a relation between the spaces of the gallery and the working space of the artist, accompanied by a series of works hung on the wall.


In the same period, on the occasion of the "Firenze suona contemporanea" Festival, a large installation entitled Passi Museo 900 – 2015 (Steps Museo 900) in collaboration with the musician Alvin Curran will be presented in the courtyard of the Novecento museum in Florence.


Each of these places will be treated in a singular manner, but in all of them the constant attention that the artist pays to structure, materials, colour, light and its refraction is evident.
The drawings, as "acts of imagination" transfer to paper an evocative vision of the various spaces, characterised by particular material and chromatic juxtapositions.


"Architecture is foreseeing how painting can expand in space to the point of constructing a place" (Alfredo Pirri).


The pictorial sensibility is always accompanied by an attentive analysis of the creation of "habitable" spaces – some conceived for more intimate enjoyment and others as sites of aggregation – generating architectures that have in common a continual dialectic between meditation and sharing.


For Pirri, architecture is to be understood "as space but also as a place of archetypal relation" which has always absolved a public function but also, at the same time, one of private concentration that can foster reflection and creativity in a broad sense.


Gli Ori
Pistoia, 2016