Kevin Francis Gray at Museo Stefano Bardini

Curated by Antonella Nesi

"Welcome Kevin to the varied and multi-faceted world of the Stefano Bardini Collection! Here in this Museum, your sculptures, your mysterious themes and your reflections on the afterlife will find affinities, references and assonances. You are a cultured man, Kevin, and your Celtic roots are evident in your sensitivity; your female muses are Danu, the Mother Goddess in Irish mythology; your portraits are soul-seeking, and the embrace between two Etruscan spouses invades the large wall relief, The Lovers.

Let me take you by the hand, so that I might try to grasp what you have seen in your travels, what has inspired you in others, how your work has been a vessel for your thoughts and your truths. I begin to observe. It is the gaze that provides the relation between the eye and the surface of a work, the vector ray in the eye of the beholder. But the projection of the gaze isn’t just a simple optical cone, a visual pyramid. The projection of the eyes while I take in Kevin’s white marble work is never fixed but rather constantly changing. The mobility of my gaze is visual tactility, my gaze “sets” upon that which it sees. There’s a contradicting character in the sculptures by Kevin: I sense its regularity, the clarity and the rigorous conformity at the ancient founts and, in tandem, the revolt against traditional rules, the cult of emotion, of exception and of exoticism. [...]"

Words by Antonella Nesi


Gli Ori, Pistoia