Curated by Lorenzo Bruni

"The capacity to forget is as necessary as that to remember, Freud asserted at the conference he held in the U.S. to explain psychoanalysis. This capacity goes beyond the Platonic knowledge that all ideas have already been expressed and that the new idea is such only in relation
to a new context. It is consciousness of the relation between context and concept and the capacity to zero out preconceived ideas as well as to remember them. This act of standing at the border between the desire to see and the desire to hide, between accepting truths and seeking them out, is what Francesco Sena has always done in his work. His figurative paintings, sealed with a uniform layer of wax, are born from the 20th-century duality of the human being, his desire to preserve, on the one hand, and the desire to forget, on the other, in order to be able to start again from nothing, to create new systems for observing reality. The artist addresses these themes because of his medium of expression, 'traditional' painting.
The medium forces its users to constantly frame queries concerning precedents, earlier examples, not only of works but also of how works have been viewed and used. For this reason, the operation conducted by Sena is meta-pictorial insofar as, by interposing a veil of paraffin, it pushes the spectator one step back with respect to the commonplaces of the pictorial genres, of the landscape, of the self-portrait, and - above all - of the 20th-century debate between figurative and abstract painting..." by Lorenzo Bruni