Ciò che resta

Curated by Marco Meneguzzo e Daniele Capra

"What remains" is always less important than "what's gone"; nevertheless "what re- mains" is also the only way of evoking "what's gone". In Kazuo Ishiguro's novel The Remains of the Day, the narrator goes back over his entire life at the moment it is draw- ing to a close. Again, in the famous Pre-Futurist trilogy by Umberto Boccioni, Those Who Stay are separated from Those Who Go and The Farewells. These are two disparate examples, among the many, of that regretful melancholy about something beautiful that will not return which also partly relates to the latest work - or rather the latest cycle of works - by Paolo Grassino..." By Marco Meneguzzo

"This piece was written after having spent a day visiting Paolo Grassino's studio in Collegno, close to Turin. One of the reasons that brought me there was to do an interview with him about his work to publish in the catalogue you now have in your hands. A few days later - realising the impossibility of interrogating Paolo, in view of the confidential and intimate tone of our conversation and the effective absence of distance between us - I decided to give up on the task I had set myself, and to describe the experience of the visit instead, simply talking of the places and in a narrative tone. And so I chose to address the framework, the mere context, the things that are peripheral and lateral to artistic practice and also to the work of the curator. Sometimes, indeed, it is right and fitting to bring one's gaze to rest on what no-one ever looks at..." By Daniele Capra